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Items We Cover


We can service almost any type of metal, here are some examples of what previous clients have brought in:

Please contact us or walk in to our shop for pricing!


Butter Knives

Individual Knives




Soup Spoons

Berry Spoon

Carving Fork

Carving Knife

Cold Meat Fork

Gravy Ladle

Ladle (soup or punch)

Pickle Fork

Pie or Cake Knife

Sugar Spoon

Dents and Breaks

Repair a break – where a piece has actually been broken between two sections of the piece, or is loose at the point of attachment.

Candle Holder Dents

Base Dents

Column Dents

Column Split/Crack

Repair Drip Cup Dents

Repair Removable Insert Dents

Compote Bowl Dents

Rolled Rim Dents

Cap for Candle Holder

Candle Holder

Small Candlestick Base Section

Medium Candlestick Base Section

Whole Base

Removable Plain Sterling Insert

Removable Plain Silverplated Insert

Removable Ornate Sterling Insert

Removable Ornate Silverplated Insert

Sterling Hinge



Flower or Bud Vase

Ash Tray (Plain)Ash Tray (Shell)

Baking Dish (with rim and cover)

Belt Buckle

Biscuit Box

Bon Bon Dish

Bread Tray

Brush Frame

Brush Frame

Bun Warmer

Butter Dish (with cover and insert)

Cake Stand

Candlestick (each, per inch high)


Candy Dish

Castor Frame (cruet set) 3 bottle size

Castor Top (each)

Casserole Frame

Chafing Dish

Chafing Dish Stand (only)

Chamber Candlestick with Snuffer

Child’s Cup

Chocolate Pot

Cigar Box

Cigarette Box

Clothes Brush


Cocktail Shaker

Coffee Pot (ordinary 8 to 9 cup size)

Coffee Urn (w/ double-wall or spigot)

Coffee Urn Drip Pan

Coffee Urn Stand

Comb Frame


Cracker Jar


Cruet Frame

Crumber Set

Dessert Tray

Dinner Bell




Flower or Bud Vase

Fruit or Flower Basket (with handle)

Fruit Bowl

Glass Dish Frame (frame holder with handle)


Gravy Boat

Gravy Boat Tray

Gravy Boat Combination (one piece)

Hand Mirror Frame


Ice Bucket

Ice Bucket Lid Only

Ice Tongs

Jewel Box

Kerosene Lamp

Kettle, Tea (with stand and burner)

Lazy Susan

Letter Opener

Lid Only

Napkin Ring (with figure)

Pheasant Figure

Pickle Jar Frame, Lid & Tongs

Picture Frame

Plateau Mirror Frame

• New plateau mirror installed, add


Punch Bowl

Punch Cup (each)

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt Dish



Scissors Snuffer (each)

Shaving Mug (with insert)

Silent Butler

Soup Tureen (with lid)

Spoon Holder

Sugar or Waste Bowl

Sword (polish steel blade and plate handle)

Sword Case

Syrup Pitcher

Syrup Pitcher & Tray Combination(one piece)

Tea Strainer


Toothpick Holder

Tray (serving)

Tray Handles

Trophy/Loving Cup


Vegetable Dish (with cover)

Vegetable Dish Cover Only

Water Pitcher

Water Urn Stand

Water Urn Drip Pan

Wine Cooler



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