FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions



These are some frequently asked questions about silversmithing, polishing, and repair work.

1). Will silver plating my pieces fill in the detail or engraving?

Answer: NO. Silver plating will not fill in detail or engraving. In some rare cases a slight loss of detail may occur, but this is due to polishing required prior to silver plating. This is usually such a small amount that it is not noticed by the client. We pay special attention to the detail to insure it’s preservation.

2). Does re-silvering lower the value of my piece?

Answer: The value of antique pieces is not lowered by re-silvering. If you have an antique piece that has silver plating worn through, the value would be much lower as opposed to a piece with a nice silver finish.

3). Is my piece even worth re-plating?

Answer: This question has several points to cover. First, if we resilver your pieces, the silver plating is quadruple plate and much better than anything you could buy new at any price. So you should consider that you are making a wise investment. Second, Silver pieces of modern makers just don’t have the quality that the older pieces have. Lastly, Sentimental Value and keeping the past alive for future generations

4). After you silver-plate my pieces, can you make them look antique again, even with new silver plating?

Answer:  Yes. We offer several different finishes. Oxidation and Patina can be added to a piece after plating.

5). How are you able to guarantee every thing you do?

Answer: We are perfectionists. We are so confident in the high quality of our work that we decided to just guarantee all of it.

6). What other metals can you polish or plate?

 Answer: We also repair Sterling Silver, Silver Plated items, Bronze, Pewter, Zinc, Copper ect.

7). How do I get an estimate?

Answer: Just give us a call or stop by our office.  You can also take a snapshot of your item(s) and fill out the “Get an Estimate” page.  We’ll get back to you as soon as possible either by email or by phone with an estimate.

8). How do I get my items to you?

Answer: Pack them well !! Everyday we receive shipments from Fed-Ex, UPS and the USPS. Insure your pieces too.

9). I don’t have a box or packing material, and a shipper is far away. Can you help?

Answer: Yes we may be able to come and pick up the items from your location.

10). Have you custom made things for people? What types of things do you make?

Answer: Yes many things including a custom made cup holder for the owner of the Fiji Water company for his car.




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